Planning Local is a membership website for Local Councils. This website offers advice, practical help, and training for Councillors and Officers at Parish and Town Councils in England.

The Town Planning system in England is complex and rapidly changing. Local Councils are offered greater opportunities to participate in the planning process and influence planning outcomes than ever before. But with added exposure comes added responsibility.

Local Councils need to act more professionally and proactively in planning matters than ever before but the resources available to them are sometimes limited.

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Why Planning Local?

Planning Local arose as an idea in 2016 as Andrea Pellegram trained over 500 local Councillors and Clerks in planning negotiation, planning regulations and plan- making. After the training sessions, Local Councils made contact asking for additional support on a range of issues – it became clear that more than an ad hoc response was required.

Planning Local is designed to meet the complex and changing needs of Parish and Town Councils as they seek to shape the future of their communities through the planning process.

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What delegates have said…

I would just like to say how very much I enjoyed your training session yesterday, by far the best day’s training that I have experienced!

As a Parish Councillor and chair of our planning committee, I feel that the day was quite an eye opener especially the chance to play the developer. I had already realised that the developer’s viewpoint is coloured by profits but this has given me a greater understanding of where we as Parish Councillors might capitalise on this and build a better relationship with local builders/ property developers in order to benefit our community, so thank you!

Jane O’Boyle, Chilbolton Parish Council

Within 5 days of the initial presentation I had meddled in a Planning Application that County Highways had refused to comment on. We as a Parish Council secured from the Applicant a solution to a problem that had plagued both ourselves and the County Highways for 20 years. The work is now well under way – problem half solved and work progressing. In the meantime, from the benefits we had already secured, compounded by the further work we have done, I am now inundated with requests for help and advice from neighbouring parishes!!

Richard H Chatham Chair Stoke Orchard and Tredington Parish Council

Wish I had this training a long time ago!

Delegate from Stow on the Wold Town Council

Your analysis in the morning was spot-on. It made me realise how much communities disadvantage themselves by not acting as soon as rumours of proposed development start to emerge!

Richard Wakeford, Visiting Professor of Environment, Land Use and Rural Strategy, Birmingham City University > Immediate past Chair, OECD Rural Working Party

Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of all of those that attended the training session yesterday. I have had nothing but fantastic feedback – so thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You have inspired the committee to move things forward and use the opportunities to make a difference to our town and surrounding wards.

Aylesbury Town Council

Excellent event! Wish I had done it earlier.

Delegate from Norton Parish Council

Excellent training event and very well presented.

Delegate from Tetbury Town Council